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I can't stand the rain!

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We left Amsterdam with a lot of rain on Saturday with the strong belief that after 2hrs of delay, 10 hrs of flying time to Orlando, 3 hrs to get through customs collecting luggage and getting the rental car and then two more hours of driving to Crystal River we would finally see some sun. Well as everybody was saying Saturday had been a great day Sunday was... take a guess... right, filled with rain. We have flew across the ocean and it was like we never left only with a small jetlag.

So today it would be all about golf and just when we were ready to cross the road to the golf course... take a guess... right, it rained and it was windy. Just imagine that I almost left our rain gear at home. So thankfull that at the last minute I decided to take that extra sweater and the rain gear because we needed it today!

Well after the turn we finally, finally, yes we finally got some sunshine. It was still very chilly but we got some sun. The forecast for tomorrow is better (mostly sunny) so I hope it will indeed be better. So just to prove to you all how we left home and arrived here are some pictures.

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