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Hot hot hot

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I am a summer girl born in Spring. Give me sun, give me a beach and I am content. I can forever stare at the ocean and warm myself with the rays of the sun. The power of the sun makes me feel alive makes me feel every fibre in my soul. It's my roots I can't help it. Having ancestors that came from warmer places. Maybe that is why I don't understand why we have winter. Why there are so many places that have summer all year round but we don't. And eventhough I have been born here and have lived here all my life I do not adapt to the cold. If I could I would move to warmer places but then I would probably miss this crazy little country to much. Because in the end this is home. And even if I could find a million reasons to escape the cold there is just one reason why I embrass it and that is my fireplace. I love sitting by my fireplace. So as soon as the temperatures drop I drag the logs inside to make a fire. To feel how the warmth of it envelops me, draws me in. With every log I put on the fire I sight a sight of contentment until the room feels like an oven and my husband looks at me with that you did it again look. Meaning it is so hot in the room that when I close my eyes fall asleep on the couch.

So tell me, can you feel the heat?

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