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Hong Kong 101 or 3 things to do when in Hong Kong

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The first thing that comes to mind when I start a blog post about things to do when in Hong Kong is off course shopping. It must be shoppers paradise if you see the amount of shops and shopping malls. Never have I seen so many shopping centres that have brands like Louis Vutton, Chanel, Prada, Dolce&Gabanna, Versace, etc. Never have I seen a queue in front of a LV store making it almost an attraction in Disney World. But as much as I like shopping I must admit that I have hardly bought anything (beside a pair of Timberlands). So when you go to Hong Kong shopping will be inevitable but that is not on my top 3 of things to do.

I have made the following list:

1. - A must do is go and have Dim Sum at Maxim's restaurant in City Hall 2nd floor. This mega restaurant has some of the best Dim Sum and on top of that an excellent view of the harbor. We were not the only one who had that idea but within 20 minutes we had a table harbor view and could choose Dim Sum from the trolleys that were pushed around the dining hall. Deliciouse, A definite must do.

2. - A ride on the double decker tram. All around the city you see these small double decker trams with bright adverts on them. They stop just about every 250 meter and cost near to nothing (2 HK dollar). You have to pay when you leave the tram and have a tourist ride all for this low price.

3. - Go to the horse races. The people of Hong Kong love to gamble and on Wednesday night they come out in full force at the Hong Kong Jockey club. Our hotel (the Cosmopolitan) is across the road so we had a home game. Admission is 10 HK dollar and there are 6 races that run every half hour. We saw a couple of races and I had the change to take some great shots of the horses and the start of one of the races. It started raining quite heavily but this could not stop the races.

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