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Home Improvement: Demolition Day

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I have been looking forward and dreading this day for months if not longer. We bought this house 14 years ago. At the time we were so happy with it. We did a lot of DIY work and lived here with full satisfaction. The only thing that struck my eye more than once was the floor. So when we decided it was time to buy new furniture we decided to look for a contractor and do it right this time. The floor had to come out completely.

So we finally set the date and we had to clear out the entire room. It is amazing how much stuff we had accumilated during these years. We got rid of a lot of it but then still a lot remained. Yesterday was our last day to clean out the room.

It was strange to see it empty again after 14 years I could not imagine that all this time has passed since we first stepped into this room. Well now the demo has started. These guys do not mess around as you can see in the photographs. You can imagine I can not wait until next week when a new floor is put in and the walls get plastered.

Well you can not change anything without doing anything so this is the first step.

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