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Here comes the sun!

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Yes it is true I woke up this morning and the sky was still a little overcast. The wind was up but he we just we are going to get this sun to come out. So we packed up our slippers, our sunblock and off we went to the Crystal River beach also known as Fort Island beach. On the pictures we saw we though it was a big beach with a coffee stand. In reality it was not as big and there was no coffee stand but hey the sun was out and we had sand between our toes so the world is great.

We were out at 10:00 am so there were not a lot of people around which gave me a change to shoot some nice pictures. We still had our sweaters on because do not let the sun fool you it was still a little chilly but the nature out here is beautiful and peacefull and I am all about peace at any moment in time. So we just had the most relaxing day with sun. More to come hopefully tomorrow.

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