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Guest blog: Kissing by Simply Bridal

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I am happy to announce that today there is a guest post on the blog from Kristine of Simply Bridal.

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and loved-up couples all over are on the lookout for a unique way to celebrate this special day with the one they love. For a romantic evening together, think of something unique that your loved one will appreciate. Whether it’s a candlelit dinner at a swanky restaurant or pizza by the fireplace at home, as long as there’s thought and effort involved you can’t go wrong! And don’t forget to give your special someone a sweet Valentine’s Day smooch to really show how you feel.

To make sure you’re up to speed on all things related to locking lips, Simply Bridal has created a Valentine’s Day infographic all about kissing. Check out some interesting facts, kissing do’s and don’t, Valentine traditions around the world and a breakdown of the different types of kisses you can shower your love with. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone… mwah!

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