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When I play I want to win, if it is soccer, a game of cards, it does not matter I want to win. And on top of that I am a bad loser. I will be moping long after the game is gone. Even today if my favorite team has lost I refuse to watch the round up on television. Then I discover golf about 7 years ago and the beauty of golf is, besides spending time outdoors, you play against yourself.

Off course you can be competitive and play against others but I like to play just against myself and it fits me. I never compare my game to how Ronald has played most of the time I do not even compare my game to the last time I played. I just focus on getting the ball on the green and by doing so I have fun playing this game.

Oh I can have bad days that I do not hit a ball lose balls left and right and are just up to the point to breaking a club but then I see the surroundings, take a deep breath and play on and it always gets better after a while. 

Today we played la Finca, a tough course. Here some images.

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