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Grand master


Photography is magical, I tell nothing new. I have known this since I bought my first camera somewhere in the 80's. It was a Practica camera and everything about it was manual. If I wanted to have a proper expose shot it took me about a week to get set up properly. Just so you have an idea of how easy the digital era has become for photographers. Taking a picture used to be hard work and really that pictures ended up being great was all magical in itself. After the Practica my dad gave me a Canon EOS650. A really great camera that I still have after 20 years. If I put in a new battery it is still good to go. The pictures got better no doubt with this camera but still I had not idea what I was doing. The down side of it was I had to wait sometimes  to see the result. So in my mind I thought I had shot amazing pictures that in reality did not resemble any of what I saw printed. With the digital camera I thought all of that would be behind me. Now I was going to take great pictures. It wasn't that easy though. No, it took me a couple of years to get the pictures I desire. I have read enless number of books and magazines on the topic. I have and still read a lot of Blog's of photographers to disect how they take their pictures.

So how did I learn? First I went to school, the Foto Academie. I did the basic training year and that really worked for me. I decided I was only going to buy new gear when I could control my existing camera and finally I did. During basic training we could only present our pictures in black and white. When I heard I was dissapointed. Why black and white? Off course it all had to do with mastering the basics and after this training I must confess I love black and white.

Secondly, I have learned that photography can only be mastered one way and that is practice, practice, practice. To get the results you are looking for, you have to take that camera out of the bag and take a picture. Freeze that 1/400 of a second and capture the magic. No matter what it is. Things, landscape, people, it doesn't matter. Have you children, husband or wife model for you to get it. In in digital you can always throw everything in the pin and start all over. 

A group of my class at the Foto Academy still get's together to pratice, learn and off course have some fun. We have assignments to get us out of our comfort zone which is something you can try. What does not feel comfortable to you but is something you really want to shoot. Take your camera and go for it. Go on give yourself an assignment.

The assignment we have in our club is create a still life in black and white in the style of the old grand masters painter.

Off course I will not leave you without a sample of my still life

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