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Goodbye 2010

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This is my last blog post of 2010. I am already typing 2011 which goes to show I am looking forward to the new year. This past year has been a great year where I started this new adventure and it is safe to say that I have succeeded. One year ago I started with this blog with no idea where it would lead me. Would I like it? Would I have enough perceverance to write a blog post every day? First answer is yes and the second is no. I have not written a post every day but I have come close. I have taken up my camera more than ever before and I have learned that photography is my calling, it is my passion. It is what I love to do and with my love for writing blogging is the ideal combination. I have changed the look of my blog and there are still changes going on in my head that I want for the website and the blog.

I have not done a favorites blog post this year of all my favorite images. Something for next year maybe? There is still so much to learn and I will try and keep improving. I am not certain what the do with the blog. Do I want to use it exclusively for my photography or keep it a combination of business and personal? It is something I have been considering this past year. Do I have enough to say and show that is worthwhile for people to read? I don't know. But if not than this is like a diary of sorts that documents my journey. A diary that I keep for myself to start and to share with the rest of the world. But what to do with the blog does not require an answer straight away. That might be something to decide later on in the new year.

It seems so far away but it is only a couple of hours away and before you know it, it will be high summer again. Remember the daytime is already extending with two minutes a day.

I do not have wishes for the new year and not written down my goals. Something to do next year as well. If there is something to wish for is that everybody will stay as they are today, healthy and loved.

I have baked some oliebollen today, a yearly tradition they do not only look good but taste good as well (if I may say so myself). We have some champagne on ice and then wait for midnight and say Happy New Year. I wish you all a very prosperous new year.

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