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Go Car!

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While in Lisbon we really wanted to do some sightseeing but where to start? There are so many sights, statues, little streets, Castles, Monasteries. Just to much to see. Well during my last trip I saw these funny little carts that looked like mini cars. Because the streets are quite steep cycling is hardly an option but these Go Cars as they are called are a very good alternative.

You are allowed on the main road it can go up to 50 km/hr and it has GPS navigation. If you do not want to use the navigation you can decide your own route but if you want to follow the predefined route you can follow the GPS. We had a great time and were an attraction all on our own. Just near the end we had some tire problem but the people at Go Car came out right away with another Car and we could get back to the headquarters of Go Car.

We had a great time and the people at Go Car were nice enough to recommend a great lunching place near Go Car called Nectar. So all I can say is if you go to Lisbon go them out. Just like the pictures below.

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