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I have been looking at business cards for a while now. One of the easiest ways to hand out information about myself is via a business cards. Further I wanted to find DVD sleeves to package it properly when I deliver the DVD to my clients. The road in finding the right printing company was long because I could not find a company within the Netherlands that printed DVD sleeve. By accident I came across Artega. They not only produce DVD sleeves and business card for a very reasonable price but they have great customer service. I delivered my design but after printing the business cards they informed me that the header text was to light and asked me to deliver an adjusted design so they could print it again free of charge!

So I was looking at the mailbox this week and when they were finally delivered I was really happy with the result. My very own business cards and DVD sleeves. Don't you just want to get one of those!

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6/25/2010 3:21:37 PM #

... Awesome ... they look great ... let's start business !!!!


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