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Getting home

Category: Personal

I sometimes have these dreams where I wake up in a cold sweat and dream that I do not reach my destination no matter how hard I try. I keep on running but things are thrown at me every step of the way.

This evening I had it in real life I just did not seem to get home. Off course it started with the fact that I had to pump gas. I did not take my own car and on the drive down I saw the car did not have enough gas. As a result we then had to stop in front of a traffic light. On the highway? Yes! I did not know we still had traffic lights on the high way but here it was and we were waiting for like 10 minutes or so it seemed (could have been 5 but I am impatient).

I had to drop my sister of at her car and had to help with a door situation which I could not resolve so I could drive home were there was maintenance. But I made it home I finally was home.

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