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Final season: Friday Night Lights

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It is like with reading a great book. The more I get to the end of it the faster I start to read and the more restless I become. Because on the one hand I want to know how it ends and on the other end I do not want it to end. Well the last season of Friday Night Lights has started and this feeling of melancholy is sweeping over me, I do not want it to end.

I mean it already lasted longer than anyone expected so I should be glad about that. It is still one of the best kept secrets in television and with every new season I was surprised at how they could keep this series interesting. How they have created new characters that made me want to come back and watch it again. So knowing it will be the last season make me just a little sad.

I have no idea how many episodes we are going to get this season and I have no idea how it will all turn out but I can not wait (on the one hand) because after 5 seasons I hope it will end on a positive note. I hope that the East Dillon Lions will win state and that Becky and Luke will get a second chance and that the Taylors will be their own great selves.

Are you ready for Friday Night?

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