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What to do when you have read all the books on the shelve? Reread! It is as simple as that, but if I would read every book on there I would be busy years to come. So I decided to pick a top 7 of favorites that I would want to read again.

1. Indelible - Karin Slaugther - This is the first book I read of Karin and I it made me order every book she had written. The suspense between Sarah and Jeffrey and how they got to know eachother with the suspense of a unexplainable murder makes this one of my favorite reads. Many say this is not her best book and they could be true but I can read this one over and over again.

2. Presumed Innocent - Scott Turow - One of the best legal thrillers written. I have this book for maybe 20 years and read it when I was still in school. The clues that Scott provides through out the book are very subtle and in hindsight gives the real murderer away. I also saw the movie but it can not compare to this book which is master.

3. Undercurrents - Ridley Pearson - Again a first for me and a first in a serie of detective Lou Boldt who has a rough period in his job and in his marriage as well. Together with his team they have a serial killer on the loose and the signs of a copycat. Will they be able to prevent another killing. The plot is well put together and I know I raced through because I really wanted to know who did it.

4. The Notebook - Nicolas Sparks - I mentioned it before I cried when I saw the movie and eventhough the book and movie are not alike I cried when I read the book. The way Nicolas can put in to words the love between the main characters is so beautifully done that when Ali the main character has alzheimer and forget who her husbands is, is really heartbreaking to read.

5. The Associate - John Grisham - I am a fan. I have read just about every book he has written and the Associate is a true Grisham. A young lawyer that wants to do everything right and then is confronted with a secret from the past that he thought was well hidden. The young lawyer that manages to outwit all forces around him makes this a top Grisham tail.

6. Mistaken Identity - Lisa Scottoline - I can read the whole series that Lisa had written over and over. I bought a couple of her books at a book fair and thought let's see how good a book costing me no more than 2 euro can be. And it was good, no it was great. I like the way she writes about an all woman law firm and the stories they share.

7. In the Midday Sun - Guy Bellamy - Another one I have for decades and I still love his books. If you like humor than Guy is your guy. I usually take these books with me when I go on vacation because they are mostly situated in Spain and where better to read them than in Spain or any country in the sun. It is usually about money and people got in a strange way or got rid of it quite the same. It makes me laugh every time.


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