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Family Preview: Corrina, Cor & Melvin

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We chatted via email. Corrina and me and we hit it off straight away. She wanted to have some portraits taken of herself and her boyfriend Cor and his son Melvin who is almost 14 years. Birthdays are coming up and what better gift than some nice photographs. We discussed dates and locations and agreed that they would come round to me as we have so nice rural backdrops that look great on photo.

So yesterday it we finally meet and we hit it off just like in our email conversations. The weather was great although dark thunderclouds seemed to ruin our date but luckily drifted off somewhere to the east.

So when we hit the road the sun was out and we managed to take some great shots. Melvin turned out to be quite a photography enthusiast and had some great ideas for poses. Here a preview, one of Melvins ideas and I love it. Through the shoot I could see him relax in front of the camera which is really great. We had a perfect afternoon.