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Engagement shoot

So tell me what is the benefit of an engagement shoot? Couples ask me. I offer an engagement shoot with every package. Not only to offer something extra or to distinguish myself from other photographers. I believe in the power of an engagement shoot.

Besides the occasional vacation snapshots couples hardly every are in front of a camera and I know from experience it can be quite overwhelming. Where to look, how to look, how to pose, what to do with the hands (those darn hands!). Then you are on this shoot together looking, standing, feeling, being so uncomfortable. Those first 5, 10 sometimes even 15 minutes can feel awkward! But the good news is that it gets better. Really after those 15 minutes you let your hair down and then somethings happens. All hesitation disappears and the funny thing is, it sticks! It sticks until the wedding day or beyond.

So take this engagement shoot and you will end up with some great photographs for a reception album, a canvas to put on your wall or great FB profile photo's.

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