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Engagement: Myronne & Bart

The engagement session was the first time we actually met, in person. We emailed and phoned and emailed and phoned some more and then we actually got to meet on this lovely afternoon in Muiderberg. From the start it was clear that Bart and Myronne are a team. A fun team at that. They talked and laughed, they shared their idea's and opinions and that's what makes them a great couple.

They met three years ago at work as Bart explained and they made quite and impression on each other. A once in a life time impression. This one meeting that would change their lives forever, giving it a whole different direction that they would probably thought possible. But here they are three years later, blessed with a boy and a girl and ready to get married.

On this almost tropical day we went in downtown Muiderberg and had a great time shooting away. Their little baby girl joined us and how sweet she was not a sound. Bart and Myronne I can't wait for the wedding that is coming soon.

If you want to see more of this sweet e-session take a look here for their slideshow.

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