Beautiful wedding photography for Lovers

Engagement: Judith and Wim

"I have a plan." Wim told his mother not detailing the how and what. You see Judith had said on many occasion that she did not want to get married. She loved Wim and Wim loved her and that was more than enough. But Wim did not agree. He wanted to show the world that this beautiful girl by his side is the love of his live not just his girlfriend and he knew she would feel the same way if only he would ask her. 

So he went to a jeweler and goldsmith and under their guidance a ring came to life that contained every element he loved so much about Judith. It was sophisticated, smart and on top of all beautiful.

All the ingredients where their to ask Judith to marry him the only thing he needed was a location. Which presented itself when they went on vacation to Bonaire to enjoy their passion for scuba diving. With this ring burning in his pocket they went on their way. And on this Island, in this romantic setting Judith did not hesitated. Her heart melted hearing his question, seeing the ring. There was only one answer she could give and that was yes.

Wim and Judith I had a great time during our walk through Haarlem and I am looking forward to your wedding next year.

If you want to see more of their session take a look  their slideshow HERE.

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