Beautiful wedding photography for Lovers

Engagement: Giullitta & Liselotte

We met for their engagement session in their appartment. It has the most amazing light that I wanted to capture. The forecast at the beginning of the week was not all that great but on that Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago the sun was out and we had the opportunity to shoot in and out doors.

It was quite cold but both Giullitta and Liselotte were great and went outside for a couple of shots on the balcony before we went down to the Flevopark and could take a lot of images when the sun was slowly going down. We had so much fun in the park and I got the change to capture this beautiful couple, their spirit, their laughter, their smiles and it shows in every images.

Have fun with this shoot and if you want to see more of check out their slideshow here.

There is no cooincidence while feeding the ducks one white duck appeared. On their wedding day they will have a white 2CV aka Duck as their car.

One of my favorites of the afternoon.

More favorites!

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