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Encore: Laag Soeren

Category: Family | Photography

When I was shooting Sandra this weekend I was asked to photograph Jacqueline (the farmers wive) with her horse. I was very willing to oblige because she had been so very hospitable to us all day. So we got the big guy out and persuaded him with a juicy apple to look nice in the shots. At first he did not want to stay within the frame of my camera but when Jacqueline looked at him nicely he became the perfect horse and I could capture them together. And they look pretty perfect!

So after I was done Jacqueline asked me if I could shoot one more image but this time of her and her son. Off course! So we went back to the hay stack and well one shot turned into a mini sessie.

A very big thanks to Jacqueline, her husband Jan and their son Niels for having us on Saturday and allowing us to shoot around the farm and enabling me to get all those great shots.

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