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Details, details the groom

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Only a couple of years ago all the attention in wedding photography was on the bride. The big reveal from the stairs had to be one of the shots in the wedding album. This trend in bridal photography has changed dramatically as now the whole preparation is a big part of wedding photography and the wedding album. It is the beginning of the story and I think should be captured whether the photographer is there for a couple of hours or for the whole day.

Usually the groom would literally be in the picture when he would come to get his bride to take her to the courthouse or church. Now again a shift is visible, as the preparation of the groom is becoming more important. What to photograph? The shoes, the suit, adjusting the tye, tying a shoe lace or adjusting the cufflinks. As a fan of details I like this shift in wedding photography because it brings more balance in an album but it also gives the bride insight in how he her husband to be, is preparing for this big day. A moment they experience separate from one another but now can actually share.

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