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De Duif Church Wedding preview: Yulia and Jochem

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She kept postponing her trip to Amsterdam. Originally from Russia now living in London, she always wanted to go but everytime something came up. And then one day she decided it was time, no more delays, no more changing airplane tickets, she would go to Amsterdam.

Little did she know that this weekend would change her life forever. Because at a party in Amsterdam she met Jochem. They hit it of from the start, had fun together from the start. When he found out she was living in London he promised he would come and visit soon. Right Yulia thought never really believing he would actually book tickets to come and visit. But Jochem is a man of his word. Two weeks later the tickets were booked and the rest is history.

Eventhough they now both live in London this weekend 3,5 years after they first met, they celebrated their wedding in the city where it all started. While Amsterdam is having a hard time showing how beautiful it can be during the summer it never the less was a beautiful day.

Here a sweet image of Yulia and Jochem.

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Sweet Smile


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Thanks Anne!


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Amazing Bridal Picture, my wife looks amazing and stunning!!!!!!!!!!


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