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De Duif Church Wedding: Yulia and Jochem

Yulia started her day in the beautiful suite at Amstel Hotel. A place with beauty and character just like Yulia. She looked positively radiant when she entered the suite after her visit to the hair dresser. Her bridemaids, three of her best friends, were already dressed and waiting to help her look even more beautiful in her wedding gown under the watchfull eye of her mother.

Accompanied by Russian singing we went in a salon boot to the de Duif church where Jochem was waiting anxiously on her arrival. Her father walked her down the aisle and Jochem was visible touched by the beauty of the woman who walked towards him. Who would say I do in just a matter of moments. And with these two words their lives united, like the small candles that lit the union candle with a flame that is shining brightly. Like the separate raindrops that fell and together filled an ocean (or in Jochem and Yulia's case a canal), and turned them into one.

And they could not be more happy while they toasted champagne in de Industrieele Groote Club, where they had their reception and party, with people surrounding them that love them and wish them all the best in live. Jochem and Yulia you are a beautiful couple, keep shining as bright as the union candle lighting the path to a bright future. Thank you for including us in your day.

If you want to see more this beautiful wedding look HERE for the slide show.

Beautiful L.K. Bennett shoes

And a Suzanne Neville wedding gown


Yulia you are beautiful.

Tying a tye is serious business

Shoes:L.K. Bennett

Wedding gown: Suzanne Neville

Wedding location: De Duif Church

Party location: De Industrieele Groote Club

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