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DIY Photo booth accessories: mustaches

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Now that photo booths are getting more and more populair it is way more fun to have some accessories to take into the pictures. You can use hats, boa's and big glasses but there is an easy way to create mustaches and lips.

I found some templates on easymakesmehappy as well as a whole lot of felt at meervilt. They have every color of the rainbow. I bought quite thin felt and used the carton of the enveloppe. The mustache turned out really great. You can even use them at a birthday party when taking candids.

Here a step by step how to make a DIY mustache.

1. all required items felt, glue, bambo sticks, scissors and the templates.

2. Cut all mustaches and use the enveloppe to draw the mustaches on

3. Put glue on the carton

4. Glue the mustache on the felt

5. Cut all the mustache out of the felt

6. Glue the bambo sticks to the mustache and let it dry

Et voila here you have the mustaches

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1/26/2012 12:40:38 AM #

Hi there - thanks for the inspiration on this - I am just building my photobooth at the moment and this was a GREAT blog!!
All the best
Rebecca x


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