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DIY Center pieces

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DIY is usually linked with the money friendly solution. When planning your wedding you want to have a lot of those budget friendly options. But DIY can also be your best friend when you are looking for a personal touch. Or when they just do not sell what you are looking for.

So today an easy, budget friendly and personal DIY solution for the center piece. A good center piece can be big, extravagant and costly. A good alternative could be to collect three, six or even nine bottles. You can use e.g. glass yogurt containers. Select big rozes in any color you want. Choose the colors of your wedding theme or buy a variation of color. Use two or more rozes per glass and align them in rows of three et voila your center piece is done.

Of course you can decide to use bigger glass and more rozes per glass and the result is simple but so chique.

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