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Crazy traphic

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What happens in a country that is not used to snow? Chaos. We are in our third week of snow and still not used to it. While everybody was dreaming of a white x-mas we are now all officially done with it. The snow that is because the country is taken with the ice skating fever and not willing to let go. But back to the snow. I am so glad I took winter tyers a couple of years ago because I really disliked driving in the snow. Well I still is not my favorite hobby but way better then sliding across the road on my summer tyers. I would say it is worth every penny of the investment knowing that they can save your live.

But then yesterday when out of nowhere an unexpected amount of snow fell from the sky we had the worst traphic ever in history. In 10 minutes 10 centimetres of snow fell. Traphic came to a complete hold. They had to get in the snow plowers to clear the road. It only took them five hours to figure this out.

Near the city the traphic dissolved at about 02:00 in the morning. I repeat 02:00 in the morning. Can you imagine being in a car driving home from work at about 5:00 pm and not get home until 2 in the morning? Nowhere to go but behind the car in front of you. No food or drink or a place to pee. Well you can image what the weather stations had to endure not calling for a weather alarm. Hopefully they have learned from this because as I was home in a very reasonable amount of time I had to do with all those people stuc in traphic and public transport.

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2/5/2010 9:37:41 PM #

I like this post - Cheers Laughing

Yable Peter

2/18/2010 1:17:13 PM #

Hello just stumbled your blog and been browsing around some of your posts and just wondering why you selected a IIS hosting dont you find it impossible to do anything with?


2/18/2010 10:06:59 PM #


BlogEngine with IIS works just fine. Nothing impossible about it.



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