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Come prepared or what to put in your emergency kit

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Do you believe in luck or do you come prepared? Sometimes it is good to do both. So I take enough time to get to a destination, make sure I know the route even though I have navigation and I have an umbrella to vent of the rain.

When it comes to your wedding day it is always good to be prepared. But what to have in your emergency kit?

1. Pantyhose

You never know what happens to that first pair so aways take a back up pair of panty hose. Even though you wear a long dress you just feel better if you do not have a runner in them.

2. Transparant nailpolish

If you do not have panty hose in the bag make sure to have transparent nailpolish because you will always need it.

3. Needle and thread

For that rip in you dress or anything else that needs stitching.

4. Do I need my deodorant to day

Buy a small size deodorant to put in the bag because when you turn into a cold sweat you know you come prepared.

5. Lipgloss and lipgloss and then lipgloss

With all that kissing on your wedding day you can never have enough lipgloss.

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