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Choosing a wedding location

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Choosing a wedding location might be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make when you are getting married. The problem is that there are so many different type of locations to choose from so how do you make a selection?

If there is any type of advice to give I like to give some here on the blog. 

Limit the number of locations

Now that you can get married almost anywhere you want, there is hardly any limit in your options. What I found is that selecting one/limited amount of location(s) to get married, have your reception, diner and party is peace of mind. If you have multiple locations you have to consider how to get there, traffic to get there, parking at the various locations. One location makes that so much easier and with enough stress on your wedding day don't add more stress by having to get to many different locations.

Consider the size

A lot of couples start out thinking they only have a hand full of family and friends they want to invite and select their location(s) on this number but along the way more and more people are added to the list. Then on the wedding day the number of people that have to fit in the ceremony room is much larger than expected. So when you select a wedding venue keep in the back of your mind that it can fit an growing number of guests.

What about the backdrop

A photographer can make anything work can see beautiful imagery in dark and dim surrounding. But a beautiful surrounding can add significantly to your wedding photos. So if photography is a priority consider your location from a photography perspective.


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