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Chateau Marquette Wedding: Jerney + Ismarelda

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They known each other almost their entire lives. They met in primary school and were the best of friends when they were 8 years old. They remained that way until they both went different ways in their teenage years. But there might have been times that they were out of each other sight, they were never really out of each others heart.

And when about ten years ago Ismarelda needed Jerney's support, she was there to catch her best friend when she needed her help. Of course she was there because that is what friends are for. It was the little spark that ignited the fire and turned into a flame. With a beautiful bonfire on a very special date. Because on the 12-12-12 they said "Yes I do" to each other.

Ismarelda always wanted to get married on a special date and this one could not be more special. Because there are twelve months in a year, twelve hours on the clock, there are twelve provinces in our country, Jacob had twelve sons, Jesus had twelve disciples, there are twelve years in a human cycle according to Chinese astrology, twelve cards with a picture in a desk of cards, the highest number you can throw with two dices is twelve and there are twelve ribs in the human body to protect the heart and longs. So you can say that 12 is a special number.

Jerney and Ismarelda it was a pleasure to capture your day on this very special day of the year.

Location: Chateau Marquette

Dress: Partycom

Schoes: Elsa Colored Shoes

Weddingplanner: Jessica of Wit Love Weddings

Coordinator: Henriette of Just Say Yes!

BABS: Guusta of Yes I do 2

Car a Rolls Roys from Rolls rent

Make-up: Face and body Lounge en Sophina visagie

Hair: Bruids Beauty team

Flowers: R&R flowers

Styling: Hilde van 't Bloemeke

Cake: Wim Koelman

Video: Natasha van Rainbow Video

Rings: Albino Ringen

Doves: Dilah Witte Duiven

Invites: RiCon

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