Beautiful wedding photography for Lovers

Castricum Engagement: Froukje + Michael

They were together for seventeen years with two childeren, when Michael decided to ask Froukje to marry him. Armed wth a beautiful ring he had the location all figured out. It would happen in New York on one of the bridges. But Froukje is no fan of heights and when they were walking on the bridge she could see the bridge below. So the moment passed and everytime Michael thought it might be a good location he passed it up to go down on one knee and ask Froukje to marry him. His plan almost failed when Froukje almost found the invoice of the jewellers but he managed to grab it just before she could take a look at. They flew back home with the ring still secure in Michael's pocket.

Arriving home Froukjes parents were looking Michael with expectation as he had shared his plans with them. He shook his head and decided to ask Froukje in their home to marry him and of course she said yes.

The children of Froukje and Michael were the most enthousiastic children I have had in front of my camera ever.

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