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I already have a lot of books of Nicholas Sparks in my bookcase. After seeing the movie the Notebook I bought the book and just like the movie it managed to move me. I couldn't believe it was the debut of this author. Then I read the Wedding, a Walk to Rember, a Bend in the Road and last year Message in a bottle. After this last book I got a little sidetracked with other books but after watching the movie the Lucky and just like with the Notebook I wanted to read the book. I was caught by the Sparks virus and then read all of the remaining books.

So which one did I like the best? Without a doubt The Best of Me, his most recent novel. Of course a lovestory in which main characters Dawson and Amanda meet again 25 years after their highschool romance when they come to bury Tuck, Dawsons mentor. The story is beautifully crafted and with every sentence you can feel the tension. Between Dawson and Amanda and where the story is heading. I could see the end already but read on with amazement realizing the beauty of this story. A must read.

I also liked Safe Heaven. Maybe this book is more predictable than the other Sparks books but I liked it a lot. This story is also made into a movie.

Finally I would choose 3 Weeks with my Brother in which Nicholas shares his lifestory based upon a 3 week trip around the world he made together with his brother. The life of a successful writer seems only successful. But when I read his story with all the parallel to many of his books and then I realised how much pain and sorrow he has been through. So it is pretty obvious that he could use a lot of his own past in his books. Impressive.

These are the books that I read the last three months.

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