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I think it was in November when I saw the trailer of a new movie coming out. Jack Reacher it was titled and surrounded with a lot of controversy. I had not read any of the Lee Child books but when I read about Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher it stating he is Jack Reacher, I was intriged. Question was did I want to start on a series that already has 17 installments? I did not know so I thought one step at a time.

So I go the first book of the Jack Reacher series Killing Floor and I am hooked. Not that I can see Tom Cruise being Jack Reacher but I like the way Lee Child tells the stories. This big giant of a man that fears no body, that only lives by his one rules, no possessions and no fear. i have read 5 more since that first one and I am already looking forward to what is coming next.

If you have not yet discovered Jack Reacher, it is about time that you do!

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