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Book review: Lights, Camera, Capture

When I ordered Dane Sanders book a couple of weeks ago I included this book as well. Lights, Camera, Capture is written by Bob Davis. May I say a veteran in the photography industry. A photo journalist first and wedding photographe second. He is now the wedding photographer of the stars and works with his wife Dawn, who is an amazing album designer. Lights, Camera, Capture mainly focuses on finding the light. If you learn to look for the light, assess it and then use it, this will have a big impact on the photo's you shoot, Bob shows. Even when you are not capturing images he advises the reader to keep on the look out for the light so you can become a seeker of light.

The book is filled with lots of photographs and their EXIF but almost every photograph has an overview of where the subject is, where additional light sources are and where the camera is positioned to give the reader a better understanding of how the photograph came about. This is very helpful. The book does not only contains wedding photographs but a lot of portraits as well. Bob shows us what is in the bag for a big shoot and what he always takes along just in case.

The book comes with a DVD with workshop material which is a great addition. The book is very informative, gives a lot of insight on how Bob works and the gear he uses (and that is a lot I can tell you). Bob is not pushing anyone to buy extra gear but just showing what he has got and what he can do with it. I found it a very nice read and learned a great deal on how to use lighting. Bob uses a lot of off camera gear during wedding ceremonies something that I do not yet see myself use but he is so used to working with alternative light sources it is probably second nature to him and something he can set up quickly.

So if you want to learn from the master of light? Read this book.