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Book Review: Photo workshop Kenny Kim

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If you like to read books on weddings here is one book that is worth while to read. Either for some inspiration or a lot of information. The second book by Kenny Kim international wedding photographer. I read Kenny's first book on wedding photography (digital wedding photographer's planner) which I really enjoyed reading. So I was looking forward to see what Kenny had to share in his second book.

The book targets the starting wedding photographer giving insight into what it takes to be a wedding photographer, how to get the most out of your gear, a lesson on exposure and composition, how to create your style and brand, out- and indoor shooting, portraits, the ceremony, the reception and post production. So a complete guide with a lot of info. As Kenny has photographed a lot of weddings he is able to talk from his own experience. Kenny has an easy way of telling his story and I think the book contains a lot of information. I have not read anything new but I still like to read how other photographers approach the creative side of a business and photography as well as the business side of business and this book gives a lot of inside combined with beautiful images.

The only thing I missed it with the images. Kenny provide with every image the ISO and setting but the only thing it doesn't include is the lens with which he captured the image which is always nice to know. Other than that a great read with a lot of eye candy.

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