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Book Review: Fine Art Wedding Photography

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Sometimes you can look at the cover and judge the book, judge the content. The first time I saw the Fine Art Wedding Photography book of Jose Villa I knew what was inside was good. More than 150 pages of sheer beauty and some great inside information from Jose Villa himself. How he started in photography and still works with film instead of digital. The book is divided into three part's the technical aspect of photography and how he creates his master pieces and how you as a reader can create the same even with digital. Of course it can never be the same but that should never be the intention. It should inspire.

The second part is all about the wedding day and how he approaches this. What he does very well I think is stand out make sure that people notice the art he is creating.

Every chapter ends with lessons learned from Jose. Things he encountered during weddings and what he has learned from it and giving you as the reader something to think about. The third part is how to move forward the business side of photography.

I like the book a lot if not only by all the gorgous images that are used through out the book. It is an easy read and provides information on posing, pricing, marketing strategies. Maybe not very indept but it gives you insight in how Jose does it. If you love beautiful wedding photography this is the book for you.

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