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Book Review: Fast Track Photographer

Finally the new and revised version of Fast Track Photographer from Dane Sanders is available. Dane has become an industry leader and a much sought after Wedding photographer that has a weekly show on which is a very informative half hour show for everyone who is interested in the business side of photography.

Fast Track Photographer contains great insight on the photography industry and with the use pDNA test to show you can determine where you stand as a photographer whether amateur or professional. It also gives the story of Dane Sanders and his journey into photography. If you ever toyed with the idea of being part of the photography industry or are a photographer this is must read material. It helps you decide if you want to be freelance or signature brand photographer and describes the pro's and cons of both.

But what I like best is that Dane has the ability to talk to you via this book as if he is talking to you in person. Like he does on every week. Like you have your private mentor who is trying to help you by having you take a closer look in the mirror and assess what you see. Who is looking back at you in that mirror and help you be the person you were intended to be.

It is a fascinating read and I really recommend it. However if you are looking for photography how to's on how to shoot a perfect image this is not the book, as Dane states in the beginning, so you are warned early on.

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