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Book Review: Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography

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It has been a while since I last done a book review on photography books. It took a while before I encountered a book I wanted to buy. This time I bought Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography from Lindsay Adler. I came across her book while browsing Amazon. I had not seen her work before but the internet resolved that pretty quickly. The reviews we positively raving and so I ordered it. The book has 5 parts with in total 14 chapters which cover a wide range of topics closely linked to fashion flair. From preparing to shooting on location, posing, equipement, light, post processing and using flair in your business.

It is not a wedding photography book but a lot of the topics can be applied to wedding photography. The images is a mix wedding, portrait and fashion. The book is layered with separate tips, notes and cautions. From the title I expected a more fashion related book. Especially in the posing chapter but as it is a translation of how to get fashion flair into your images this might explain the reason why.

I liked the chapters on light (ambient and studio) best. The book contains a lot of beautiful images and it is an easy read as the info per images in not set annoyingly which I have encountered in other books before. It covers a lot of ground and can be read by photographers of all skill levels.

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