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Book Review: Damien Lovegrove

I checked the mailpost with great anticipation this last week. I bought a number of books from (great online bookseller) and waited in anticipation for them to be delivered. I was especially looking forward to this book from Damien Lovegrove Wedding photographer (what is in a name). When it was finally delivered I jumped right in and I must say I am not disappointed.

It looks like a coffee table book. The styling of the book is beautiful, the great images off course and it includes a lot of advise. The only remark that I have is that the lay out is not very intuitive. This is caused by all the caption that is added to the images. When you open the book and start reading they distract you from the text in the chapters.

But besides this it is a good book that is a great read.

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6/24/2010 2:52:00 PM #

Would you recommend the book to a seasoned wedding photographer?

Nottinghamshire wedding photographer

6/24/2010 4:33:19 PM #

Richard if you want to use it for inspirational purposes I would definitely say yes. If you are looking for new insights from a technical perspective I do not think this is for seasoned photographers.


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