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I need help. There I said it. With a sigh of relief because that is how it feels. After blogging for more than 1,5 years getting blogposts together using Lightroom + Photoshop and resizing takes time, a lot of time. Off course the actual writing takes time but no way near generating all the images. After streamlining my workflow I decided I had to go and look for a tool that could help me make this image creating thing easier.

And I found it! I looked at BlogStomp before when they only had the Photoshop actions to generate images but when I visited their website again I found out they have a new app that helps with images generation all in one go. Up to 4 images can be created, mixed up, resized, sharpened and watermarked. I love it, as this is so much easier than the way I used to do it. So if you are a photographer looking to reduce your blog image creation process check out blogstomp.

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6/16/2011 2:24:07 PM #

I've heard lots of good review about it but still couldn't figure out in my mind how does it work, but definitely still curious Smile


6/16/2011 2:27:39 PM #


It works easy. Drag the images into the app. Select the image or images you want to watermark and/or combine and press stomp it. It will create a resized, sharpened, watermarked image. You can download for free and try it.


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