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BlogEngine and Linkwithin widget

Category: Tools

While surfing the Internet I came across a really nice tool that can be embedded within just about any blog. As you can see at the end of each blog post there are a number of photo thumbnails that links through to other stories on my blog. This service is provided by LinkWithin and can be found on their website for free! You can choose between 3, 4 and 5 photo thumbnails. After applying your website or blog on their website you will receive an unique website identifier that will index the stories on your site. The code available should be stored in two files, the site.master file. The code can be stored just before the </blog> command in this file and saved.

To position the thumbnails on your page you can insert <div class="linkwithin_div"></div> where you want in the postview.ascx file and you are ready to roll. I really love the design and the way it fits just about any site. You can adjust the text that appears above the widget to your own liking. The only thing that I have encountered is that the widget will not read all of my blog posts. It only indexes the stories that are part of the first visible page of my blog no idea why it will not index the rest. But still it is a really nice feather and if you want to use it you can go to their site.