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Blend right in

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While capturing a wedding the most important thing of all as a photographer is to dissolve. To become invisible in the crowd, a fly on the wall that nobody notices all the while capturing every moment. I call it being in blend mode. Dressing and behaving as we are part of the wedding party. Couples tell me all the while that they have not noticed me. That they were not aware that we were there. The best compliment to get because that means that they could enjoy every moment of their day without feeling restricted by the camera.

The best photographs of a ceremony or reception is when the couple and their company do not notice their photo is being taken. On moments like this people are truly themselves and that is why couples want to have images of their wedding day to have it documented as it is. So we blend right in. We dress in the same fashion as guests would dress and we behave like guests. Walking around looking, capturing making sure we do not miss anything.

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