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Big in Hong Kong

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It was our last day in Hong Kong today and we returned to Holland. Wow how fast this week has gone by and how many things we have seen. We were impressed how helpfull the Hong Kong inhabitants were. When we were not sure where to go there was always someone asking if we needed help and always with a smile. We were impressed with the quality and taste of the food. It was without a doubt delicious in the small local restaurants as well as in the big restaurants. All around we ate some great food. We were impressed with the traffic and amount of pedestrians. We have never seen so many people on the street on a work day or in the weekend.

And we saw that our Dutch soccer stars are not only big in Europe (a waiter in a small local restaurant even knew our country from the soccer players), yes on the side of the Nike store we saw portraits of Wesley Sneijder and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. I had to capture this bill board.

As we have a midnight flight we are waiting at the airport. It is a huge building and everything runs effeciently. From check in, to immigration, to the security check (they smiled and let us keep our shoes on, you got to love this place). All in all an impressive week. But I am sure if you ask Ronald what he found the most impressive part of this journey than he might say the WiFi at the airport. Just before we boarded the plane he could still be online.

Shot these all with my Powershot. The one below I shot at 1/5th shutter speed, 400 iso and F4.5. Yes I shot the next shot out of my hand!

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