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Because I love you

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I was color correcting some pictures today when I saw these pictures of my sister. When the wedding day started two weeks ago I took a couple of shots to test the light of Sorrento. I look at these photographs and see my beautiful sister looking absolutely stunning. And just today it dawned on me that after all these months I have not dedicated a post to my sister. And she so deserves it, because the last couple of years have not been easy on a personal level for her not only relating to her health.

But no matter how rough the tides were in her live, she kept on going and I admire that so much. She is a very strong women and the only reason for this post is to say to my sister: I love you!

And you have to agree she looks so pretty in these photos!

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5/25/2010 6:43:54 PM #

Thank you for the pictures and the lovely words, you made me cry ... I'm very proud being your sister, and I love you too!!!!!


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