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As soft place to land: Admiron Photography Facebook Page

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The door was already open when I arrived leading me in the warm room where the lights were just bright enough giving the room that cosy feel. Her face lit up when she saw me. She opened her arm wide and the embrace that followed felt good, familiar. With out hesitation she directed me to the big family sofa full with cushions that fitted like a glove as I sat down. I was almost tempted to put me feet up on the table. I am sure she would not have minded but I could resist the urge. A drink appeared out of nowhere as if she knew what I liked and of course she does, know what I like. I took one sip and closed my eyes feeling content, being here with these special people.

That is how it feels when you arrive at friends who know you so well, where the door is always open and you feel welcome. It is like a soft place to land.

That is exactly what I wanted for my Facebook page. I still have so much to learn about this Facebook thing but this past weekend I created a warm welcome for all my Facebook Page visitors, ergo the welcome page. You can link to the website, go to the blog, visit me on Twitter or send me an email. Everything is there for your convenience.

So go and have a look at the Admiron Photography Facebook Page and be welcome. Press [like] while going in and enjoy yourself.