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Are you ready for Friday Night?

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Once in a while you encounter something that really touches you hearts, makes you feel good, smile. It can be a book, a song on the radio, an article in a magazine or something you see on television. About a year ago I saw the first episode of Friday Night Lights on television and I was hooked. I watched it every week like a religion. I am a sportfan, which helps. However I can't explain but there was something about the way they showed the lives of a communicity in a place called Dillion that kept me watching. The glue in this community is Football that holds it all together. A strong community on the outside but real fragile if you look more closely. They do not shy away from topics that are very controversial and real, not only in the United States but everywhere.

Watching it from the other side of the world I am amazed that this series has not won any major prize because the cast, the script and acting are and is phenominal. The show did not get picked up here (due to the air times change all the time and the network station) and so we never got the show for a second, third let alone a fourth season but I have taped all the episodes that were aired. Every rerun they aired last year I saw because I can not get enough of it no matter how many times I see it. It is that good! I have the book this series was adapted from, I saw the original movie, hope they release the other seasons for my region on DVD and I even have the opening credits as my ring tone (I kid you not).

So if you have the chance watch it from beginning to the end and then? Watch it again and again (like I did today). Take it all in because this is one series that actually is teaching us something. The uniting power of sports.

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