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Alpine Queen Nicolien


It was one of those days with a laugh and a tear. Joy and disappointment, because everybody expected that the women and men team would win a spot in de final. Or let me talk about myself I had hoped that at least the men would get into the final. If not only to rid of that bad after taste of this week events and that everyone would think back on these Olympics with a feeling of joy. But even though everybody was hoping and praying it was not meant to be. The women were defeated by the German team and the men could not eliminate the American team. They now have a change to win the bronze medal but that was not the medal they came for.

But than a miracle happened on Cypres Mountain. Nicolien Sauerbreij was a favorite to win a medal because she is first in the worldcup on the womens parallel slalom snowboarden, but at that moment she still had to do it. The best part is that she kept on believing in herself. After two rather disappointing Olympic Games she kept on believing and training with this goal in mind and now she is there in first place. I admire her conviction, believe in her own strenght and then you see what is possible. The 100th gold medal won by Dutch athleths in the Olympics and the first gold medal in an Alpine discipline for the Netherlands.


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