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A Hair Affair

Some people have a fear of flying, a fear for the dentist, a fear of spyders or dust, I on the other hand have a fear of hairdressers. Well maybe fear is stretching it but I have a tendency to postpone a visit. You see I was born with this straight no curls kind of hair as straight as a doornail. If you see me now that is hard to believe. My sister on the other hand was born with curls. Somewhere during our early years, nature did a reverse on us and Antoinette ended up with the straight easy to comb kind of hair while I got the curls.

It grew fast and hairdressers in our neighborhood had no idea how to cut my hair or advice me what products to use. And my "fear" of hairdressers was born. Fastforwad to 2010 when I decided to have a hair cut and Inge adviced me to visit her hairdresser Dany Diop who cuts blackhair as well. My struggle began and for a year I wondered about the haircut, about when to go, about the result all the while postponing my visit. No idea why but three weeks ago I finally decided to call and make an appointment and I went. Dany is a great hairdresser and put me at ease and I loved the result.

Loaded with a bag full of hair goodies I left his salon feeling light and new, with a promise to Dany. I'll be back!

Happy Friday

And here the result of my hair cut!

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8/8/2011 3:27:23 PM #

Looks awesome!!!

Mary Marantz

8/8/2011 4:17:33 PM #

Awesome haircut, you look stunning!


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