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8:00 PM somewhere


After a rained out Sunday afternoon in which we were scheduled to play some golf everything got postponed to today. Fortunately the sun is out early. The golf course here in Crystal River is big and challenging but we are amazed at the number of players out on the course. A flight starts every 6 minutes so more times that not you have a new flight right on your tail before you reach the green. I have never experienced this type of play and I must say I am more of the layed back and relax type of player. Walk from tee to green in stead of using a bugging racing along the golf course.

It took us 4,5 hours to reach the 18th green and that is with a cart! Being out for 4,5 hours got us quite hungry so we had dinner at Clawdaddy's. A great diner and lounge were we had some fried foods, ribs and two glasses of wine. Now being here for more than a week with little hinder of jetlag I looked at the clock. The laptop is still on Netherlands time and at 8:00 PM Florida the time in Holland is now 02:00 am. And suddenly I feel so tired. Being out all day with a lot of wind in my hair and two glasses of wine just seem to much. Or maybe I am slowly going back to NL time.

Well tomorrow is the last day we play. The weather forecast is good so we hope for a beautiful and quiet course.

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