Beautiful wedding photography for Lovers

7 years ago yesterday!

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Every night for eight months before I fell asleep, I would think about this day somewhere in August. I would think about what it would be like, the dress I would wear, my hair, off course about the weather, about my future husband waiting for me and to say I do. Eventhough it looked so far in the future I realised in January that one day I would wake up and the day would be here. My wedding day.

I think I can still remember every second of that day. Me crying when Ronald came to get me to go to our wedding location. Me crying when I say I do. Realising that every moment was special. I still cherish those moments and when I look at my wedding photographs it feels like yesterday. I never could have imagined that 7 years would fly by so fast but here it was again yesterday, our wedding day. It still makes me smile remembering that day. I look at us and I am happy.

One of my favorite wedding photo's. It was still in the analog age and this photo was only shot in sephia.

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