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5 books for holiday reading

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One of the best times of the year to read is during a holiday. I read on planes, trains and on holiday and when I go I always take a book from one of my favorite authors Guy Bellamy. He has  written 13 novels with most of them comedy and I must say that Guy Bellamy is one if not the best in this genre. His books are often situated abroad in France or Spain and tell the story of the most odd group of people.

I came across one of his books more than a decade ago in the American Book Center. As a lot of his books are not published anymore I found most of his books on Amazon for as little as 1 euro cent. So if you are looking for a fun read go online and search Amazon you will find more than plenty there.

So here goes my 5 books for holiday reading:

1. The Nudist - A book about a newly wed Simon who thinks he found the woman he should marry just after he is married. Pym the woman is already married to a big shot advertiser Ben. Together with new author Nick Bannerman they go on a holiday to remember in the south of France.

2. The Tax excile - Here Fred Carton he has done not a thing with his life inherits a large sum of money. His account advices him to go to Monte Carlo for a year to save a big amount of money. With all the pleasures Fred can think of Monte Carlo is not a bad place to be for a year. But once there he discovers that a year in the sun is not an easy tasks after all.

3. In the Midday Sun - Three fugitive brothers end up on the coast of Spain. One is running away from the Inland Revenue, the other has done the perfect bank job and the third is playing music in a pub. Unfolds the most funny story about this three brothers who have to survive the midday sun which is a recipe for trouble. I laughed and laughed so good.

4. The Holiday - A publisher with his assistant, a married couple of twenty years who finally get to enjoy a holiday in France after Bruce the husband has been laid off and then Roger a man who does nothing much and his girlfriend Esme who is an artist spend three weeks at the Carlton in Cannes for a holiday to remember.

5. The Secret Lemonad drinker - Not about a holiday but still I laughed as Bobby is found sterile while his wife wants just one thing, a baby. His best friend Roland offers his services but Bobby just laughs. Meanwhile Josie walks into Bobby's life and undresses. This novel was Guy's debut and eventhough this story was written years ago it is still a great read.

Happy reading.

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